Spring 2022 Sponsor Appreciation

March 01, 2022

2022 Spring Sponsor Appreciation

Thank you to the 2022 Spring Meeting Sponsors at the MVTTC in New Orleans.  Their support will enable us to continue our educational funding of college scholarships and CEDAR chapters this coming year.


Reception Sponsor



General Sponsors

Biehl and Co.

Carbon Partners, Inc.

Transportation Services

Wheelworx, LLC


Tee Box Sponsors

Carbon Partners, Inc.

Cooper Consolidated, LLC.


New York Air Brake

P&L Railway


B.T. Prince Past Presidents Sponsors

Alliance Coal, LLC – In honor of Joe Frye

Jim Beauvais - In memory of Ron Munse

Will Browning

Andy Cox – In honor of Steve Isaacs

Randy Edgemon

Joe Frye – In honor of Andy Cox

Jack Grinwis

Joshua Herzing – In honor of Jeff Lamb

John Justice

Jeff Lamb – In memory of Ace Young

Gene McBirney

Larry McReynolds

Justin Musick

Pat Runey – In memory of B.T. Prince

Ron Whalen – In memory of Ron Munse