The Coal Institute is proud of its commitment to participating in opportunities that promote the utilization of coal and the education of future employees in our industry. The first part of our adopted Mission Statement outlines our role as follows: "Our mission is to support and financially assist public educational efforts pertaining specifically to the use and benefits of coal and the coal industry in general..." Since 1994, The Coal Institute has contributed over $1,279,000 to coal education through our donations to CEDAR, College Scholarships, and The Challenger Learning Center.

The Coal Institute's College Scholarship Program was initiated in 1997 and the purpose of the program is to offer assistance to students who are studying to receive an education and degree in various fields associated with the coal industry. Awards in the amount of $2,000 are now granted to eight two-year colleges with Mining Technology or Mining Engineering programs. The Coal Institute has distributed approximately $647,000 of the $1,240,000 total Scholarships toward these colleges.

Schools which have previously received scholarship funds include the following:

Donations to CEDAR are for the education of students in grades K - 12, and for the 2022-2023 fiscal year a total of $19,000 was contributed. More can be learned about CEDAR from this web page. The following Chapters of CEDAR continue to receive funding.

CEDAR Inc. - Letter of Appreciation 2023