B. T. Prince, Jr. Award

The B. T. Prince, Jr. Award is for individuals who have retired or are retiring from the industry and who have demonstrated continuing service to the industry and TCI - The Coal Institute throughout their careers. It is recommended that the recipient have served the Institute as an Officer or Director and continued to be involved in the ongoing operations of the Institute after the expiration of their term as Officer or Director.

Potential nominees shall be brought to the attention of the President by any member in good standing. The President shall then consult with a reasonable number of past Presidents regarding the suitability of the nominee. The President shall then present the nominee or nominees to the Executive Committee where a unanimous affirmative vote must be obtained. Any nominee approved by the Executive Committee will then be presented to the membership for final approval.

This award is not intended to be an annual award, rather as suitable nominees become eligible. The award is to be presented in conjunction with the annual Education and Engineering Seminar to reflect B. T. Prince's commitment to continuing education for the membership.

Past recipients are:

Recipient Year Honored
B. T. Prince, Jr. 1994
W. Sidney Asbury 1998
Larry Yarger 1999
F. W. (Rick) Clark, Jr. 2001
Jim Beauvais 2015
Joe Frye, Jr. 2018
Ronald L. Whalen, Jr. 2019
Gregory A. Wetzel 2021
J.T. (Tim) McSherry 2021
J. R. (Kenny) Gillum 2022