Goodwyn Holmes Award

Goodwyn Holmes Award Nomination Rules and Information
Each year, one member of TCI - The Coal Institute may be selected to receive this greatly coveted award, the purpose of which is:

  • To provide an acknowledgement of meritorious service.
  • To encourage constructive thinking and individual enterprise.
  • To stimulate professionalism and more active thinking for the promotion of the coal industry, coal utilization, and sales activity.


It is incumbent upon every member of the TCI in good standing to assist the Committee of Award by submitting to the President of the TCI prior to May 1st each year the name of a person who is felt to have qualified through service and professional demeanor for the honor of this award. The Goodwyn Holmes Medallion will be awarded to the one selected at our Summer Trade Seminar Banquet.

Past recipients are:

Recipient Year Honored
B. T. Prince, Jr. 1977
Harry L. Tiller, Jr. 1978
A. C. Young 1979
Richard Crane 1980
J. R. (Kenny) Gillum 1982
W. Sidney Asbury 1983
Charles H. Pruett, Jr. 1984
R. H. Hall, Jr. 1985
Steven D. Isaacs 1986
W. F. Peck 1987
Jeffry D. Swift 1988
E. E. McBurney 1989
John H. Kell 1990
Larry Yarger 1991
Ronald A. Munse 1992
John F. Justice 1993
David R Hutto 1994
J. T. (Tim) McSherry 1995
F. W. (Rick) Clark, Jr. 1996
Linda C. Mann 1997
Ronald L. Whalen, Jr. 1998
Andrew W. Cox 1999
John R. Spencer, Jr. 2000
Dan Edwards 2001
Ina L. Justus 2002
Al Pitcher 2003
Ken Jenkins 2004
William F. Davison 2005
Joe Frye, Jr. 2006
Greg Wetzel 2007
Jerry Boyd 2008
Mark Musick 2009
Steve Perkins 2010
Edward Harrington 2011
James Beauvais 2012
Patrick C. Runey 2013
Barbara Coppola 2014
Jeff Lamb 2015
Tim Carr 2016
Donnie Peake, Jr. 2017
Nathan Boone 2018
Tony Rowser 2019
Jim Thompson 2020
Justin Musick 2022
Timothy J. Whelan 2023